wedding dresses under 200

MY WEDDING.. Greening my wedding.

I have begun the daunting task of planning my big day!I am researching venues and catering companies.yeah,I got big big plans !But I want to green my plans to lower carbon print.Do you know that my 200 guests will generate tons of carbon emissions?.. To you who will attend here are some highlights! wedding dresses under 200
a)mmh,perhaps a handcrafted ring or a vintage wedding dress fitting my style. As for you bridesmaids, am not asking you to purchase matching outfits instead am picking on a theme colour and let you wear dresses you already have.Hands up can I add you?

b)About air-conditioning the venue and where exactly, nature will do its job. Nature will reduce my electricity lighting! Yeah outdoors,a perfect spot a park maybe!

c)On food and flowers am going local and seasonal.. And am paying close attention to the serving style. I gonna reduce wastes by serving food buffet-style so you can only take as much.

d)on transportation, I am going local..and because this is the most carbon-intensive component then am avoiding (destination wedding) am simply partying where majority of my friends live.

e)Any (named guest) of course! But why not!prof Judi Wakhungu ,the iron lady whom in her reign my country just said bye bye to plastic bags..
Mmh reading along you are thinking.. She must be a true minimalist! But no am just a true crusader that CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL!! ULTIMATELY, my wedding should be fun!and in short am celebrating sustainability at my eco friendly wedding.. And hey am flaunting it,
Its pulse friendly!
Less carbon, more fun!