wears with sleeves cater for homecoming party

On way to weigh in in Walsall ready for tomorrow's fight...... can't wait to eat some good food. Lasagna get in my stomach!!! ????

WRSA ladies 55-57kg English boxing title fight against experienced fighter Catherine Phipps ???? who I know has trained very hard for this fight and not going in there to walk away with nothing...!!!
But I've been training just as hard, changed my game plan, and never leave without the belt around my waist ????


Before all of this, we have a 3 hour journey or longer to get to weigh in. Traffics mad on Fridays at this time of evening especially but we will keep pushing through it and get me to the foooood ????

Weighed myself this afternoon at 56.3kg, so weight shouldn't be much of an issue when doing official weigh in. Hopefully straight in, straight on scales and straight out. Food and check in to hotel room, for a relax in the bath and a good nights sleep wears with sleeves cater for homecoming party ????

Let's go Belle let's go!!
TEAM SHOOB ???? ???? ????

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