vintage bridesmaid dresses

When my sister, Shannon , asked me to be her bridesmaid, I was so thrilled! Wedding planning is always a crazed and exciting time. We immediately got into the planning; where will the venue be? What should she serve at the reception? What sort of music sets the right tone? And what will the bridesmaids wear!
Shannon is never one to draw a hard line, and she loves that her sisters and niece have such individual styles. She encouraged us to choose our own bridesmaid dresses, so long as we stayed within the right color range. She had a garden party theme in mind for the big day, with lavender and sunflowers decorating the premises. I scoured Etsy and rifled through my local vintage shop in search of a perfectly unique little number that would suit me. Dress after dress just didn't quite cut it. And the wedding date was quickly approaching! vintage bridesmaid dresses
Then, something happened! Shannon sent me a link to a dress on It was gorgeous! A classic style, beautiful embroidered details, and whimsical little lavender buds and bumblebees that perfectly fit her aesthetic. In addition, those little bees were a nod to a fantastic organization who provided my family with so much support this year with my son's cancer diagnosis and treatment. They are the BumbleBee Foundation , and they have a special place in my heart after how much they cared for my family.
My oldest sister and I were immediately sold on the dress. And I just love that I had no doubts about how it would fit, since # eShakti shows me all of the measurement details and even allows for tailoring in specific areas.
The wedding was an absolute dream, and those dresses were perfect! Comfortable, stylish, and maybe the best part was that (as eShakti is known for) they had pockets! I paired my dress with a yellow cardigan and spent the day focused on Shannon's happiness, since I certainly didn't need to worry about the dress at all. I just can't wait for my next opportunity to wear my bumblebee dress!