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"Another important point to bear in mind is that, according to Buddhist teaching, Buddhahood is not a samsaric event. It transcends the world and cannot be located within the spatial and temporal continuum of unenlightened existence. As Guru Rinpoche says to the king, it is 'uncaused, unwrought.' It is outside time and the chronological sequence of past, present, and future.

It is therefore highly meaningful to describe Yeshe Tsogyal as being enlightened even before she engages in the practices that 'give rise' to her attainment.

Moreover, according to the Nyingma, the most ancient school of Tibetan Buddhism, the Tathagatagarbha, or Buddha-nature, is considered not as a mere potential, but as the true nature of the mind endowed with all the qualities of wisdom. Present in every sentient being, though veiled by adventitious defilement, it is already perfect and fully accomplished.

From this perspective, the preliminary chapters of 'Lady of the Lotus-Born' may be read as a description of Tsogyal's essential dignity. Her progress towards enlightenment is not so much the 'gaining' of something not yet possessed but the disclosure of an already innate perfection. What at the end of the book shines forth in the person of Tsogyal is, however, obscured, equally present and equally perfect in every living being." tea calf length wedding items for plus size ladies

~Translator's Introduction to "Lady of the Lotus-Born"

Yeshe Tsogyal Mantra:

Om Ah Hum Vajrara Guru Jnanasagara Bam Ha Ri Ni Sa Siddhi Hum

Yeshé Tsogyal’s Prayer

A terma of Pema Lingpa

maha gurü jinlab kyi

Mah? Guru, bless me


dak kyang tserab tamché du

That in all my lives to come,


shyingkham dakpé podrang du

In the palace in your pure land,


lama dralmé tenpar shok

I will be never be apart from you, master, but be always at your side,


mögü tem kyang mepa yi

And with unswerving devotion,


nyepé shyabtok drubpa dang

I will serve you and please you,


gongpa zabmo tuk kyi chü

And receive the transmission of your nectar-like blessing:


jinlab dütsi lung tob shok

Your profound realization, the very essence of your wisdom mind.


ku sung tuk kyi jinlab kyi

Let the blessing of your enlightened body, speech and mind,


lü ngak yi sum minpa dang

Ripen my own body, speech and mind,


zabmö kyedzok nam nyi la

So that I gain mastery over the profound


wang tob drubpa jepar shok

Generation and completion stages.


loktok dü kyi tsok nam dang

May I eliminate completely the demons of wrong views,


nedön barché shyiwa dang

Along with illness, harmful influence and obstacles,


khor dang longchö gyepa yi

And may good companions and resources multiply,


sampa yishyin drubpar shok

So that my wishes are all fulfilled, just as I desire.


durtrö ritrö gang trö sok

In charnel grounds, hermitages, retreats amid the snows,


pünsum tsokpé né nyi du

And other secluded places with all perfect qualities,


tingdzin zabmö gong chü la

Let the quintessence of deep sam?dhi meditation


taktu drubpa jepar shok

Be my constant practice.


drubpa jepé drebu yi

And as the result of this practice,


trinlé nam shyi drubpa dang

May I accomplish the four activities,


lhasin dren du khol né kyang

Turn even gods and rak?asas into my servants,


sangyé tenpa sungwar shok

And so be able to protect the teachings of Buddha.


tönpé sungpé damchö nam

May all the sublime teachings taught by Buddha


tsolmé gyü la charwar shok

Appear, with no effort, within my mind;


khyenpa chok la nga nyé né

And, through mastering supreme knowledge such as this,


tokpa chok dang denpar shok

May I attain supreme realization.


changchub sem kyi tendrel gyi

Through bodhicitta’s causes and conditions,


kyendro malü wang dü né

May I reach and magnetize every single living being,


tokmé yishyin norbü tü

And through the power of my actions, unbounded like a wish-granting gem,


dreltsé dön dang denpar shok

May any connection we have be of deepest benefit and meaning.


sangyé tenpa darwé tü

May I cause the teachings of Buddha to spread,


gyü dzin chö tön gyepa dang

So that lineage holders and teachers of Dharma increase,


dro kün dé la khö né kyang

All beings are brought to bliss,


shyingkham tamché dakpar shok

And all realms are purified into buddha fields.


dak gi lü ngak yi sum gyi

From my body, speech and mind,


dulja sosö lo yul du

Let infinite emanations appear,


gang la gang dul trulpé ku

To benefit each of those to be trained,


pak tu mepar jungwar shok

Every one according to their needs.


dorna khordé malü kün

May I realize the entirety of sa?s?ra and nirv??a


guru nyi dang yermé ching

Is your manifestation, Guru, inseparable from you,


ku sum dudral mepa yi

And by understanding the three k?yas to be forever indivisible,


namkhyen sangyé nyur tob shok

May I swiftly attain the omniscience of buddhahood.


semchen solwa debpar shok

May sentient beings offer their prayers,


lamé jingyi lob par shok

May the masters grant their blessings,


yidam ngödrub terwar shok

May yidam deities grant attainments,


khandrö lungten jepar shok

May ??kin?s grant predictions,


chökyong barché salwar shok

May Dharma protectors dispel obstacles,


sangyé tenpa dar shying gyepar shok

May the Buddha’s teaching spread and grow,


semchen tamché dé shying kyipar shok

May all beings enjoy happiness and well-being,


nyin dang tsen du chö la chöpar shok

May they live out the Dharma day and night,


rangshyen dön nyi lhün gyi drubpar shok

May our own and others’ aims be spontaneously accomplished.


rangshyin dakpé gewa di

Through this merit, pure by its very nature,


khorwa ngensong dong truk né

Let sa?s?ra’s depths, the lower realms, be emptied,


si tsor lar yang mi né shing

So no longer we remain in this ocean of existence,


chamchik ku sum ngön gyur shok

But actualize the three k?yas, together—all as one.


gyalwa kün gyi sang chen dzö

Great secret treasure of all the buddhas,


lamé chok gi tenpa di

Supreme, unsurpassed teaching of Dzogpachenpo,


jitar kha la nyishar shyin

Like a sun rising in the sky,


gyalkham yong la dargyé shok

Shine and spread through the entire world!


dak gi gewé tsawa di dang gewé tsawa shyendak kyang kyé né

May this merit and my other roots of virtue grow,


palden lamé tukgong yongsu dzokpé yönten dang denpar gyur chik

So that I embody all the precious qualities that fulfil the wishes of the perfect master,


sangyé kyi tenpa rinpoché dar shying gyepar jepé kyebu tobden du gyur chik

I possess the power to spread and expand the Buddha’s precious teachings,


khyenpa dang tsewa nüpa sum tarchin né dzokpé sangyé su gyur chik

I realize ultimate wisdom, love and capacity, and so become perfectly enlightened,


drowa rik druk na nepé semchen tamché khorwa dukngal gyi gyatso lé dral té nyurdu ngönpar dzokpar sangyé par gyur chik

And all sentient beings in the six realms are freed from sa?s?ra’s great ocean of suffering, and quickly attain complete and perfect buddhahood.

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This was revealed by Pema Lingpa from the rock shaped like a lion’s head in the medicinal valley of Lhodrak.

| Rigpa Translations, 2014. Translated with reference to a teaching by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentsé Rinpoche at Lerab Ling on the occasion of the dungchö of Khandro Tsering Chödrön, September 2nd 2011.