sweet 16 court wears

1. When I was a kid, Pussy means Cat, Sex means Gender, DICK was a name, And Bang was a sound, Whats happening to this Generation?
2. You drank garri twice today, buy #100 recharge card and get 10mb, came on Facebook and wrote ''Money no be problem'
Ur case dey court
3. You dey owe mama ikenna #50 and and you dey wear ''My money grow like grass T-shirt''
Wehdone sir!
4. You fit pay #5000 enter club but for church na #20 be your offering
God is watching you o
5. You're too big to dance in church but you go gaga crazy when you hear the (gbedu wey dey burst brain)
God dey watch you too o
6. You're married but still chases other ladies and you claim you're going for refresher courses
Your cup go soon full
7. Just because you met him in a bus and he bought you gala, you cum store his name as ''Bros gala''
Sista tank you o
8. You're an O'level holder but you sponsor your girl for university
My broda, you be scholarship board?
9. You dey inside hotel room snap picture come upload and write ''Home Sweet Home''
Your Mata Dey God's Hand
10. You enter public transport #600 to go shoprite go snap picture with other people's goods,
Abeg wetin i wan tell you?''
11. Do you know that 90% of Girls Urinate On Their Body While Bathing ?
12. Dangote did not send 'I love you Jesus to 25
people before he get rich' please stop disturbing
me or else I will curse ooo
13. NEPA is the Major cause of unwanted Pregnancy in Nigeria
Everythng starts when she Enters the Room to Charge Her Phone
14. Salary 20k, Phone 400k, Weavon 30k. And you go to church to ask God for a Miracle, When you are already Performing magic
15. If You Were Ask To Collect N1,000.
From All Your EX How Much Will You Get
As For Me I Will Get N53k
16. I overheard a girl talking to her BF, initially I thought she was talking to God, because the things she asked for only God can provide them sweet 16 court wears
? ? ? ? ? ?
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