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Episode 31.
The marriage ceremony between Chief and i was a small one. We had invited a priest to his house and we were blessed. Then a small reception was held in his house with few friends and some of his children.

I noticed the angry looks i got from his children but i didnt care. God knew i wasnt marrying him out of my own freewill but for my daughter’s sake. I was only a mother on the look out for my daughter’s future.

I wanted Ifepams to do great things in life. To achieve things i wasnt able to achieve. To settle down with a well known and respected man – certainly not a man like Chief who already had wives and children and much older. But a man whom she would love and who would love her in return and give her so much happiness.

‘you’ve done the right thing my dear…’ aunt Chime said walking into the room with a broad smile on her face. Chief was still downstairs bading his friends goodbye while i waited up for him in the room.

‘aunty…’ i breathed.

‘and whats that you are wearing Ivyy? Is that how the latest bride in town is supposed to dress?’ she asked as she sat beside me caressing my hair.

I looked at myself. I was wearing a loose white pijamas and i certainly didnt see anything wrong in that.
‘whats wrong with my dressing?’

‘everything my dear…’ she said. She stood up and went to the wardrobe throwing it open ‘dont tell me you dont have sexy nighties because i’m going to slice your hair with a scissors!’

‘sexy nighties?’

She turned to me hands akimbo ‘i shouldnt be explaining these things to you Ivyy. You should know that tonight is going to be a special night between you and Chief. You certainly cannot turn him on wearing…that thing’

Realisation dawned on me. Yes, i was going to have sex with Chief tonight and i was supposed to look sexy like a seductress waiting for whom to devour.

I looked at aunt Chime disgustedly and she rolled her eyes walking back to me.

‘common Ivyy, dont give me that look. I didnt say anything bad as far as i can remember. You are a married woman, need i remind you?’ she raised my hand pointing at the diamond ring on my fourth finger ‘see?’ She smiled at me.

‘the fact that i’m wearing a pijamas doesnt mean Chief isnt going to sleep with me. I saw the lustful look in his eyes through out today and it doesnt matter if i’m wearing a caftan or dressed in a big gown, nothing’s going to stop him from devouring my body tonight….’ i sighed resting my forehead on my palms ‘i’m so in for it tonight’ sexy mother of the bride dresses

Aunt Chime laughed ‘seriously Ivyy, you are nervous? You’ve got to be kidding me…’

I tried to smile but i just couldnt. I wasnt happy about marrying Chief. Marriage is a lifetime thing and its supposed to be something filled with love and happiness and not regret and hatred which was what i was already feeling.

Aunt Chime angled my face towards hers with a reassuring everything-will-be-fine look on her face ‘Ivyy, my dear. You made the right decision. I see regret in your eyes right now but my dear, you might not understand everything now but sooner, you’ll know that you did the right thing okay?’ she winked at me.

The door opened and Chief entered with a satisfactory smile on his face.

‘Chief Chief…’ aunt Chime said rising on her feet with a proud smile on her face ‘my one and only Chief’

I rolled my eyes. Poverty was indeed a disease and i was as sure as hell wasnt going back there.

‘inlaw…’ Chief said holding his agbada walking into the room ‘everything went fine today didnt it?’ he asked touching my cheeks.

‘yes indeed..’ aunt Chime said ‘uhm, Ivyy, i would just excuse you guys, you both need to rest, you must be stressed…’ she gave me a knowing look.

‘thats true inlaw. I will see you tomorrow morning’ Chief said.

‘okay. Ivyy, goodnight…’ she winked at me and left the room.

‘my love…’ Chief said smiling ‘welcome to the Adetola family…i’m so happy to finally have you as my wife. You dont know how much i wished so much for this to happen’

Yeah right…you’ve probably jerked off every night thinking about my body. I believed Chief wanted nothing more but a constant supply of my body and marriage was the best way to go about it. I just smiled pretentiously.

‘let me shower immediately…care to join me?’ he winked pulling off his agbada, revealing his slack singlet and pot belly. I wrinkled my nose in disgust but quickly shook my head.

He dashed into the bathroom and returned to the room few minutes later. He pounced on my almost immediately.

I almost choked on his kisses and his touch gave me goosebumps. I let him have full access of my body after which when he rolled away and snored away like a pig, i rushed to the bathroom and threw up.

I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

‘Ivyy, this is your new life…’ i said to myself.