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I'm usually not one to complain on Facebook, or get involved with Facebook politics yet if I know one thing Facebook is good at doing now a days it's spreading the word.

My worst nightmare was lived through yesterday afternoon.. my little girl, Athena a pug mix had a bad reaction to food I had recently switched to TASTE OF THE WILDERNESS , from which I had heard nothing but great things from from numerous of people. Athena was throwing up foaming ... and foaming at the mouth, disoriented. Could not walk. I immediately grabbed my purse and my friend rushed us to the vet. Never in my life had I have seen a dogs tongue as white as her teeth, she had very labored breathing with her eyes wide open and unresponsive to my voice. As I begged and pleaded with her to Just hold on. Luckily I only live five minutes down the road and got her there within a precious window of time to save her life. The vet ran blood tests and her liver alt were exponentially high, to which the vet indicated was due to her processing something toxic, the vet was worried her reaction had caused her to seizure, she was blowing bubbles from her nose due to her aspirating her vomit. After giving Athena numerous if bags of fluids and activated charcoal to bind whatever toxins were in her body, Athena was stabilized. The whole encounter the vet was asking me numerous questions about what Athena may have gotten into, however is not the dog to get into anything, and then vet proceeded to ask if I changed food which I had and she said throw it out immediately. red bodycon knee length dresses

Much to my demise I called the manufacturer to report the incident. The representative was not only defensive, unsympathetic and refused to acknowledge anything was wrong with their product. Upon doing my own research I was disgusted to find a plethora of reviews of similar situations of Athenas horrible event online

I only wish I had done my research before purchasing this brand. I hope to spread the word so this does not happen to any other dog, or until there is a recall on the recent bad batch of food, be AWARE!!! Not only was the expense I was left with hefty, but my dog is irreplaceable. I know we are only human and therefore bound for mistakes to happen naturally but there are ways to approach mistakes in a professional matter with due diligence. What I Refuse to tolerate is when a company not only refuses responsibility but also patronizes you on their mistake.

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