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Can someone answer my question about ICP? For the last week I have been so itchy, no rash nothing but the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands are the worst. Today I went in to the emergency room because my OB wasn't in and was told to go ahead and go in. They took blood but took it for my blood count and to see what my salt and liver was. They all came back normal but they didn't take a bile one, and for some reason they think it was an allergic reaction but I have h ... ad zero change in what I eat, drink, or anything. I have had HELLP Syndrome in my previous pregnancy and delivered at 33 weeks. My kidneys & liver was failing and wondering if this ICP could be starting but not showing yet or what do I do. I had my risk of losing my baby last pregnancy and I don't wanna stress myself out if I'm just being paranoid. I'm already a high risk patient but the dr looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned ICP to him. What do I do?!?? I'm 32 weeks pregnant. red and black color prom pieces

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