pastel prom dresses

This was the one show that I was most looking forward to seeing from # NYFW because I saw some stunning fabrics teased on Instagram, including the confetti background image on this post--it's a fabric and it's really 80s/90s fun! I like Carolina Herrera's classy but not boring style. Though I will probably never own anything by her (above my price point!), this collection is great inspiration for anyone who loves color. My favorite features are the rainbow enamel buttons and t pastel prom dresses ... he rainbow sequined dresses (the black one reminds me of my first prom dress!). There's a very 80s/90s feel happening and even a little hint of My Best friend's Wedding with all these bright pastels. I love her use of Rolling Stone's "She's a Rainbow" to set the perfect mood!

The show is 16 mins but if you are short on time or just want to see everyone walking at the end, forward to 11:05. There's a lot of really neat details so if you can watch it all, you'll catch much more to appreciate.

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