middle school graduation dresses

Hi everyone, (I hope this post is allowed)

I was contacted through another group about doing makeup for the graduating class at Valley Park Middle school (Don Mills & Eglinton). This is a volunteer job for a great cause!!!

Here is the original message:

"I really really need you help. So a friend of mine with a huge heart who is a grade 8 teacher at our old school has started a pay it forward initiative to help the grade 8’s ( from a low income community) get all dolled up for graduation. Ppl have kindly donated suits and dresses and shoes for the girls. We found someone to do the girls make up. Permission forms were sent out and parents signed and the girls were so excited. Today she got an email that the 3 makeup artists can’t go. So now all these girls (17) are heart broken and so are we. If there are any makeup artists in this group and have the heart to help these girls with feeling beautiful and special on their big day pls contact me. We would be forever grateful and I am sure these girls would remember this day forever as well. The event is June 26 from 1-3:30. Pls pls pls find it in your heart to help." middle school graduation dresses

*Myself and another artist have Volunteered but if we could get at least 2 more artists I know the afternoon would go a lot smoother.
Thank you