mature bride wedding dresses

I have no thyroid due to cancer so I also have no ability to lose weight. We should all remember that we have no idea what anyone else has lived through. Our family made a joke out of it saying "better fat than dead" but though we were smiling on the outside no one knew I was dying on the inside. Had to stay strong for my kids and now that they're grown I know they are stronger adults for the experience. mature bride wedding dresses
To all of you who think you have the right to make personal comments about others, I hope you never have to go through the things that we have gone through. You obviously don't have the strength of character to survive the tough stuff!

Mother And Daughter Humiliated A Plump Bride Trying On Wedding Dresses. But The StoreOwner Put Them In Their Place! Poor bride was embarrassed and wanted to run away from the store. But the store owner stopped her