maternity items to wear for the maid of the brides

Im 21 yrs old this is my 3rd pregnancy and im 30 weeks pregnant. Has any of you mommies experienced this? I woke up at aroud 3am having this severe upper abdominal pain and middle back pain. It was so painful really really painful. Much worst than a contractions. After waking up from that pain i decided to go to pee, and started to feel like i need to poop but no poop. Then while sitting at the toilet i started to feel worst, i started to feel like having a cold sweat. And maternity items to wear for the maid of the brides ... when im tying my hair its like my hands starting to numb and i really feel like im gonna faint anytime but when i reach our room i feel a little relieved but then the pain was there again i was alrady crying because its really painful. And im the type of person who doesnt cry easily on pain. I didnt even cry on my labor. So im hoping there is some of you that experienced to have this and i was hoping it was normal at pregnancy. Thank u for answering

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