long floor-length bridesmaid wears in black

Conversation between me, Cecili, Kasumi, and Ace:
Kasumi: =_= Why does losing your virginity hurt anyways...
Ace: =_= Well if you didn't go and fuck him maybe it wouldn't have...
Baron: ._. Why are we talking about something that happened a couple years ago? long floor-length bridesmaid wears in black
Cecili: >_> Well it does! ...
Kasumi: SEE?!
Ace: >(
Baron: Ya know...it can hurt for us to if we don't get laid...blue balls...
Ace: YEH.
Kasumi: >) Well know that we know it's your weakness~
Baron: And what if you want another baby? >w>
Cecili: I'll use a fucking turkey baster.
Cheryl: *falls on floor from laughing* (she was there XD)
Baron: OTL.
Ace: *Facepalm*
Kasumi: XDDDD

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