junior party dresses

? Emotional post...keep scrolling if ya don’t wanna read it...I’ll never know, lol ?
I have loved seeing all of the posts for formals. I love seeing happiness and how our babies have grown into beautiful & handsome almost adults. As I see these, I can’t help but think about some others we aren’t seeing in our feeds. The ones who didn’t get to go to formal: those who didn’t get asked but hoped to be asked. Those who didn’t go because it’s just hard to be in crowds or noise. Those who didn’t go because their family couldn’t afford it financially. It’s really hard to keep up with today’s Joneses. Those who didn’t go because there was some reason that they didn’t get to get dressed up in fancy clothes, join a great group of friends and family members doting over them to take photos, who got their hair and makeup done, fancy rides and yummy dinners. Many of those are seeing exactly what I am seeing and even more directly from their friends. Social media can be fun & helpful to stay connected/share wonderful news/celebrations and at the same time it can hurt us in so many ways. How could you not want to be part of it in some way? In your own way but some way. To be told you look amazing and how proud someone is of you. You see, I was that girl who didn’t go. Didn’t get asked, and our family most likely couldn’t have afforded it anyway. No regrets!! Not a pity party here just sharing my thoughts. My parents provided me with all I needed and love to no end. I just know if I saw all that my friends were doing without me, I prob would have been much sadder than I remember. Loved that I lived in the dark ages! Most kids are resilient and no harm will come of it, but it does do damage to others. I learn of it when we present our program in junior and highs schools. Kids open and share things that just break my heart. The other group my heart hurts for are the parents who have suffered loss. They didn’t get to be part of this and yet they saw it all with other’s children. May all those who couldn’t be part of the celebrations and sharing feel peace and love in their own way. You all deserve it! And you are not forgotten. junior party dresses ?