items that not expensive to wear for the maid of the brides

I use to have nightmares all the time about dad, and When I got with my first husband the nightmares were about dad raping me telling me I was going to have his child so when I got pregnant twice and I went and got an abortion because I didn't want to have my dad's child, i then had 3 more kids, my youngest son gave me so much hard time through my pregnancy I didn't want anymore boys so I got my tubes tied, and god bless me with another child i was not happy at all, and when ... they tell me it was a boy I was devastated even more, I was so far along in my pregnancy it was too late to get an abortion, so I told my sister when he comes she can have him because I didn't want anything to do with this child, and when the time came to have a baby it was a girl I was so happy, after I my daughter i had them to burn and clip my tubes, I did not want any more kids especially a son but only because of the complications I had with the pregnancy of my last son, when I met Papa he told me he's always wanted s son, the one thing couldn't give him, made me hate myself for getting my tubes tied, but even after having my tubes done I got pregnant couldn't believe it, When papa found out I was pregnant he cried he was so happy, but I miscarriage.This happened three times and because of the close call of the last pregnancy Papa said we are not trying to get pregnant anymore, first I was not supposed to get pregnant those other 3 times, that showed me only God can make the impossible possible, so our faith was set on God will provide us with the son that we both need, we didn't know how or when it was going to happen, but we knew it was going to happened, and now in 2 more days our son will be turning one year old, what a mighty God we serve it goes to show God always has the last word not man, and whatever you need to be complete in life God will provide you with that need. No matter what man say, no matter what man do, can't nobody stop what God has planned for you. Giving God all the glory items that not expensive to wear for the maid of the brides

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