grey and sliver items for cocktail party

So we have the Government telling us no more petrol or diesel cars to be sold in Britain by 2040 to encourage people to buy electric vehicles,playing kinda fast and loose with the word "encourage" aren't we? Sounds like a dictatorship to me[by the way if you only want to check out selfies,or someone's dinner or a squirrel caught hanging by his nuts,although funny,best you fuck off now]. Surely when you encourage people to change you make the option better than what is already ... available ie;more affordable.cleaner,more efficient and so on rather than this is how it is like it or lump it. Of course the tree huggers are all excited and by tree huggers i mean two categories of humanoids. The first would be the ones that eat grass,smoke weed,never wash,contribute nothing to society,have no money and spend much of their lives sponging off of tax payers. The other lot,on the other hand,often have too much money and time on their hands who are quite happy telling us we need more,so called,renewable energy but don't want all those wind turbines on their doorstep because they want to preserve the landscape which only they can afford to live in. These two groups of people are most commonly known as "HYPOCRITES". Let's get real folks,we are already struggling to produce enough electricity to run the Country so unless you have wind turbines sprouting like rice in a fucking paddy field there's no hope. What i don't get is you can run a car on the most abundant commodity on Earth,Hydrogen, and what is the byproduct? Water.The problem? The Company's able to produce these vehicles are clearly not greasing enough palms and that is why Governments don't invest in it. To put it in perspective,we working class folk in this Country work anywhere from 35 to 80 hours a week on full time,we pay our mortgages,our rents,we try and get enough to feed and clothe our kids,we pay our taxes,our NI,council tax,gas electric,retailers ripping us off for the privilege of buying their wares,successive corrupt Governments [one telling us we were in it together whatever that meant]bleeding the working people and telling us how well off we are,give me a fucking break. If the Government is serious then stop sending billions of our hard earned taxes to foreign aid and make your electric cars and make them affordable so people will want to buy them and not be backed into a corner without an option,you know I'm right. grey and sliver items for cocktail party

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