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Little Calico Kitten Baisley has a broken femur and pelvis and needs your help

ACC NYC - Manhattan Center.

A1119656 - BAISLEY



Intake condition INJ SEVERE Intake Date 07/24/2017, From NY 11434, DueOut Date 07/24/2017,
Medical Behavior Evaluation GREEN

Medical Summary
DVM Intake Exam
Estimated age: 8-12 weeks based on dentition and size
Microchip noted on Intake? Scanned negative on intake

History : Brought in by police, who were given the kitten by a child who saw another child throwing the kitten in a park.
Subjective: Calm, alert, mews, allows all handling
Evidence of Cruelty seen - Verbal report of a child throwing the kitten
Evidence of Trauma seen - Fractured leg

BAR-H, MMs pink, BCS 4/9
EENT: Mild brown granular discharge AU. Eyes clear, no nasal discharge noted
Oral Exam: Clean deciduous teeth
PLN: No enlargements noted
H/L: NSR, NMA, Lungs clear, eupnic
ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated
U/G: Female kitten
MSI: Lame LHL - palpable swelling and fracture palpable in the distal femur.
Pelvic kyphosis and abnormal curvature of the proximal tail - possible fracture.
CNS: mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities
Rectal: Normal externally

Left femur fracture, possible pelvic fracture

1. Pelvic and femur rads - sedate with 0.05 ml hydromorphone IM and 0.08 ml Dexdomitor IM Reversed with 0.08 ml Antisedan afterwards.
Rads showed left femur fracture, displaced but with minimal contracture. Rads also showed left ilial body fracture, SI luxation and possible pubic fracture.
2. Simbadol 0.15 ml SQ SID x7 days
3. Miralax 1/4 tsp SID x7 days to ensure pt is able to defecate easily in light of fracture, pelvic canal changes and opiates - consider increasing to BID if necessary
4. Recommend immediate placement with evaluation by orthopedic surgeon

Prognosis: Fair
SURGERY: Temporary waiver due to FRACTURE 1088
Weight 2.2

Hx: Pelvic and left femur fracture secondary to being thrown. On Simbadol, Miralax. Stool in kennel this morning - formed, firm but not rock-hard.

S: Sleeping in kennel on approach. Allowed all petting, started eating while being pet.
O: BAR-H, MMs pink
EENT: No discharge OU, AU, nose.
H/L: Eupnic, not ausculted
Abd: Not palpated
M/S/I: Able to get around in kennel - decreased weight-bearing in left hind leg.

Neuro: Alert and appropriate, no sign neurological deficiencies

A: Femur and pelvic fractures. Pt is eating well and defecating formed stool.

Short-term prognosis: Good-fair

P: Continue cage rest, recommend evaluation by orthopedic surgeon after placement

Kitten with ear mites, possible fracture to left hind leg. Curled up in litter box, eyes dilated, but otherwise soft body, looking around. Lay in place when door opened, leaned enthusiastically into pets, purred, started to roll over. Cuddled up when given mouse toy. Ideal event cat once healthy. green evening party selections