brown colored items to wear for the maid of the brides

Hello. I have had a horrific experience with your facilities today. Some of the staff was empathic and caring. And some of your staff is extremely uneducated. I'd like tp help educate them. I have this to offer your staff, if they are unsure about what its like to deal with anxiety or a panic attack. I hope that your agency will attempt to provide better, more timely services. Your current policies and lack of awareness are dangerous and debilitating. Please, if you cannot provide efficient care in a timely manner, at least educate your staff about WHY your policies are hurting people and how to better respond to people you have no intention of helping.

Anxiety is like this:
You've had a bite from a brown recluse in the past. You almost died. You were hospitalized for months, and lost your job and your home in that time. You've struggled for years, but have gotten your life back together. You wake up one morning, and a giant brown recluse is on your shoulder. You are reasonably quite upset. No one is around to help you. You are alone. Always alone with this deadly beast on your shoulder. You call for help. Some one tells you they are here for you and they will make sure you are just fine and they can help you get rid of the spider in two and a half months and they will let you know if they can help you sooner. In the mean time, just breath and talk to friends about how you feel about the spider. And think positive thoughts, that the spider won't bite you. But if it does bite you before they can help you in two months, practice "radical acceptance". Just accept the fact that you've been bitten and its out of your control! And just breath!

And you say, but...i really need help with this brown recluse. And you explain your previous experience with a brown recluse. And they thoughtfully say, oh, wow, that sounds like that was hard. Im going to suggest you talk to someone. Heres a number you can call. And you call it and they tell you someone can talk to you about your spider in about a month, but theyll call you if they can talk to you sooner.

So you breath, cuz you're pretty good at thay (been doing it your whole life), but its pretty hard to do things like dishes and take care of your kids or let alone work, while theres this spider there. And every now and then it lunges at your face and you drop your handfull of groceries and everyone looks at you like your crazy. So you go in to the place that said they would help you with the spider. And they tell you they will help you. And they tell you to breath. Always with the damn breathing. And they tell you to imagine the spider isnt there. And they tell you to breath. And they tell you to exercise and call your girlfriends. And they tell you to breath. Thats anxiety. And you're alone, always

A panic attack is all of that. And then your house is on fire. And you are yelling for help. And you have called all the right people and all the girlfriends and breathed and exercised and imagined the spider wasn't there and the house isn't on fire and some asshole is outside your window screaming at you to breath and you breath and it burns and they tell you to calm down but your eyes burn and now you cant see and you cant feel your limbs and you realize you're on the floor and you think you hear someone telling you to get up and you try and they keep telling you to breath but it burns so bad and you are screaming to put the fire out and kill the spider and they are telling you to breath and to lay down and to breath and to exercise and to breath and to quit being rude no need to get an attitude and your fire is scaring the neighbors and your fire is not their fault and breath and stand up and go here and sit down and breath and you are alone. So. Fucking. Alone. And then they throw a squirt gun at you and tell you good luck. brown colored items to wear for the maid of the brides