beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

Hate to be the rain on the parade. But as much as i'm aware that scattered bunches of Canadian-U.S.A. and other allied soldiers did some un-acceptable things during war time; some even executed for their activities! But if you get the channel AHC. There is a show on called "NAZI DEATH SQUADS" and you will see the participation of THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of Germans killing defendeless old men-women and children as we've all seen many times, but this is footage i have'nt seen before and i've seen most being a supporter of our troops. But when you're military ragalia on your service hat comes with skull and crossbones? What kind of military is that? And 2/3rds of that country participated WILLINGLY. They did it not @ gun point-by force! Many volunteered You don't see Hitler in these videos. Be was chilling where ever. These death squads called "EINZATKRUPPEN", where in 3-5 days, their log books show that in so and so town or country they MURDERED 30-40-50 OR PLUS thousand Jews or whoever. For miles around the smell of death was unbareable once discovered by Us(allied forces) and the town folk swore they new nothing(ya-ok) 1 dead body stinks like hell. Imagine thousands,and the village less than a mile away says they smelled nothing. An entird country should have been put on trial from age 15 up. 2 world wars. Because of 1 country The stuff they show on TV is horrible. Imagine what ee'll never see? Piss on them. Icm Canadian amd the right to my opinion. Its not even an opinion, its fact! Im watching as i type. Ive had enough. I'd rather do chores. beige or ivory color wears for a wedding