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My third batch of kale and cabbage ferment from Jillian Mai Thi 's protocol. I'm almost two weeks in now. This is truly saving my life right now. I feel like a functioning human being again.

I haven't dove in and completely adhered to a strict diet (working on it). I also have been starting with two cups a day, about to up my dose to three / four cups a day. Nonetheless: I want to share my experience so far.

I've been battling Lyme disease, seizures, arthritis, and a lot of ... nasty stuff. For the first time in three years my hands have been PAIN FREE for almost two weeks now. Most of my joint pain and stiffness has greatly lessened.

Haven't had any seizure symptoms for a couple weeks as well. Things seem to be looking up. The juice is wonderful. Still have not gotten any mass waterfalls and crazy purging, but my stools have been extremely regular.

My stomach is usually pretty bubbly and gurgly after the ferment, but within an hour or so my bowels start moving. For the first time in my life, I've had multiple Bowels a day and fairly regular stools.

I have noticed some thick, clumpy, stringy white cloudy lumps in my stools, as well as one clump of a nasty grey looking mucus ball. Other than that: everything is functioning normally.

I do crave sugar and carbs like mad: like NEVER before. It's always right after I juice too. So whatever is in me knows it's dying. I'm determined to up the dose and stick strictly to the diet in the coming week. I'll keep you all posted. ball gowns dresses cost below 100

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