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I heard the phrase Ditch the scales yup ditch them and focus on your clothes..... ever heard that?
Sounds great, sounds positive yeah it's positive but an unrealistic positive.
How many of you can actually bin those scales without rushing back out and jumping in head first to retrieve them? They have become another addiction. Right ?
The scales are not the problem, the problem is the mindset that drives you.
You can throw your scales out but you will still look at your body ... in a negative way, you can throw the scales out but you will still binge eat, you can throw the scales out but you will still punish yourself with exercise ..... hello I'm I talking to anyone ?
The real freedom will come with knowing how to make ways to deal with all the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and automatic habits linked to food. There is always the connection between feelings and food always and the scales are simply the compass of those issues. JuneBridals prom formal garments with affordable price
I received great news I sat an entrance exam and passed therefore been accepted to do an eating psychology diploma with the best out there.
I'm scunnered (Ballymena word) seeing mindsets unchanged resulting in women feeling further condemned regarding their body image.
There is enough social media regarding bikini beautiful but it's making other woman feel bikini ugly .... ENOUGH.
As a fitness professional it may sound like I'm shooting myself in the foot but nothing could be further from the truth.
If mindsets are changed then the set pattern of thinking changes its not the scales that bring bad thoughts it's the mind.
Lets work on this gear shift and just watch how many will move from self loathing to self loving.
You become what you think not what you weigh.
Ditching the scales won't change a mindset fault and this is why I'm going to spend time and money so more woman out there can eventually say IM FREE.
I'm truly excited to the next chapter because I'm tired of seeing woman and men walk in the captivity of food.
A gear change awaits, prayers welcome as I prepare to walk this out, to bring you the best ??

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