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A Cowboys Ride

I'd seen my Pa ride some mighty tough horses,
seen him a lot of time broken and busted.
From the time I was born I watch him of course,
as many a bronc I watched as he dusted.

A black team of mules he swapped a runner,
a running/quarter colt that was bred for the track.
His breeding was great and he'd be a gunner,
a fast horse he'd be and ready to be tacked.

A running bred colt he really looked fine,
till you reached for a saddle then you were sad.
To saddle him up he wasn't so kind,
as a matter of fact he this runner was bad.

He'd go straight up and out with both feet,
while biting and kicking he'd bring you to sorrow.
He'd work him all day and then take a seat,
a resting and thinking of what brings the morrow.

He'd been ridden before once of this we had found,
with a broken back and a trip to the docs.
That cowboy found then a bed he was bound,
while from off that old colt he'd fell like a rock.

Worked picked up then, the runner was then put aside,
he was getting fat and sassy as he stood around.
A neighbor came around and said the colt he would ride,
he need him to work cattle and he'd make him sound.

His wife had called and said the cowboy was hurt,
come get your colt as he's laid up in bed.
When ask what had happen she got pretty curt,
come get your horse now was all that she said.

We pick the colt up and we taken home,
backed the truck up out by the old barn
Put in the lot where he'd stay all alone,
busy we were and he'd be in no harm.

When the work was all done it was time for the runner,
fat and slick he looked pretty sharp.
He'd came in a snorting after standing all summer,
a dancing around he blew like a harp.

Pa reached for his saddle as the runner shied back,
a fighting as always it was all the same song.
A fight it was as he shied from the tack,
we thought maybe he'd just gone too long.

Pa worked him on a rope for most of the day,
left him tied while working other horses.
Just before dark Pa had put him away,
tomorrow he'd put him through his courses.

After supper he would call that ol cowboy,
ask him what had happened and how he had been.
He'd said riding that colt had been a bad ploy,
the runner had broken his back and it hurt him like sin.

The colt had thrown him everyday that he'd tried,
he bucked higher and harder everyday it did seem
To saddle and work and him and break him to ride,
he said couldn't be done as he finally seen.

The colt broke his back while still in the saddle,
he couldn't take the pain of moving around.
So they sold their place out along with the cattle,
now he just sits around at their new place in town.

We arose the next morning just before daylight,
doing our chores while Pa worked the runner.
During the saddling they'd had quite a fight,
the colt shines like a penny he's really a stunner.

Pa's best friend was there and he grabbed and ear,
as Pa climbs on they both are a grinnin.
Ray says if ya got him I'm waiting to hear,
Let me have him Pa says let go you ol sinner.

I'm up one the fence that's all of eight feet,
eyes in line with the barn eve that is two feet more.
They crashed into the barn and Pa held his seat,
nineteen feet across the first jump the soared.

Cleared my line of sight with the eve of the barn,
four more of the same as they bucked all around.
They bounced off the fence a doing some harm.
the fence got Pa's stirrup they crashed to the ground.

Flying up in the air for one more big jump,
with out his stirrup Pa, done lost his seat,
Up in the air and down he spun as he got dumped,
down on the ground he hit in a heap.

The colt in he corner with his head hanging down,
his eyes watching Pa where he had put him to rest.
He'd landed between the disk and a stake in the ground,
he staggered up as he was getting his breath.

Ray was up on his blue horse the he had named Buck,
when Pa said Ray to go catch him up.
I'm hurting pretty bad did I get hit by a truck,
Got one ride left in me so bring me that pup.

They snubbed him to Buck to give him a chance,
as he had trouble a moving to climb in the saddle.
They drug him around while the colt only pranced,
with one look from Pa he knew we'd not tattle.

They worked him for two hours and he rode along fine,
he said that was enough for that day to go put him up.
Pa said he was a bad one but he's now got our sign,
fellers there's coffee at the house lets get us a cup.

As mornin came in,Pa and runner neither felt good,
and three days later neither could move.
Pa was paralyzed the ride broken back,
and colt had twisted a gut during their ruse.

The runner was done for and down for the count,
there was only one thing that could be done.
We took Pa to the barn as colt was his mount,
He laid his hand on him says “Good Bye Ol Son”

Rod Decker
Copyright 2/16/17
This poem is pretty straight and true the way it was.
Pa had surgery and wasn't able to walk again in a few months JuneBridals off the rack wears for bridesmaid
Said this was the second worst bucker that he'd ever rode.
The first one had left him a crippled arm for over two
years before they figured out how to fix it right.
I've got three Favorite Cowboys in this world.
My Pa,, ( Rex ) my Son (Travis Lane )
and histories,,Will Rogers,, for those that know anything
of him.
Long Live The Cowboy
May I Always Be One Of That Breed

Posted a picture of my Pa too