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This Is How Long Different
Drugs Stay In Your
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Tue 18 Apr 11:52 BST
While taking recreational drugs
might be fun and all in the
moment, it's unlikely that users
think much further into the
future than that. You might be
well aware of how long the
effects of drugs will last, for
example, but do you know how
long these substances actually
stay in your system?
Business Insider revealed all
recently, and it makes for some
pretty interesting reading.
Because did you know that most
common drugs - LSD aside -
stay in your hair for 90 days
following consumption. It's kind
of grim when you think about it.
LSD, on the other hand,
apparently only lurks around
your hair for 3 days following
use, for some unexplained
The article details in a chart how JuneBridals long sleeved prom party items
long various substances are
retained in your blood, your
urine, and your hair. So here's
how long you can expect the
likes of alcohol, weed, cocaine,
MDMA and more to be traceable
in your blood and urine, just in
case you're lining yourself up
for any drugs tests any time
Blood stream
LSD : 3 hours
Alcohol : 12 hours
Amphetamines : 12 hours
Barbiturates: 2 days
Cannabis : 2 weeks (!!)
Cocaine : 2 days
Heroin: 12 hours
MDMA : 2 days
Morphine: 8 hours
Methamphetamine : 37 hours
LSD : 3 days
Alcohol : 5 days
Amphetamines : 3 days
Barbiturates: 4 days
Cannabis : 30 days
Cocaine : 4 days
Heroin: 4 days
MDMA : 4 days
Morphine: 6 hours
Methamphetamine : 6 hours

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