JuneBridals bohemian style wedding outfits

Who wants to do battle for it? lol. The first 10 persons to Comment below "I'm in" gets to play for it. Up for grabs is a simple bouquet, it's very light weight.
Item: Foam rose bouquet
Material: Foam Rose+ Crystal diamond
3. Flower Diameter: approx. 21cm
4. The Total Length of Bouquet: approx. 25cm ...
5.Handle Length: approx. 12cm
6.Handle width: approx. 3cm
7.Flower ball perimeter:approx. 55cm
8.Weight: approx. 99g
Colour: Blue & White

Rules: I have a few questions with the answers I'm looking for, within 30 secs of posting a question a person has to answer. The first person to get 10 answers correct wins the bouquet. If there is a tie then the battle continues until there is one winner. Good luck. When all of the ten persons are present to play we will begin. JuneBridals bohemian style wedding outfits

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