June Bridals what to wear for the sister of groom

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Type I - Insulin Dependent (IDDM) ...
Type II - Non Insulin Dependent (NIDDM)

Organ Affected: Pancreas

Hormone Affected: INSULIN (Control the amount of glucose in the blood / Put glucose inside the cells) June Bridals what to wear for the sister of groom

In TYPE I: The pancreas cannot release insulin anymore

In TYPE II: The pancreas release insulin but in small amount only

MAIN PROBLEM: Increase Blood GLUCOSE (Sugar) Level.

Contributing Factors
PCOS (Female
Pregnancy (Gestational Pregnancy)

Signs and Symptoms
Hunger, Dizziness, Sweating, Confusion, Palpitations, Fatigue
Frequent Urination and Extreme Thirst
Constantly feeling hungry
Drastic Weight Loss
Problems with eyesight

Complications of DIABETES

High Blood (Hypertension)
Cardiomegaly (Enlarged Heart)
Retinopathy (Blindness)
Narrowing of Blood Vessels and Stroke
Kidney Problem
Peripheral Blood Obstruction (Possible Amputation of Limbs)

Diet (Low Sugar, Low Sodium)
Avoid white foods (White Rice)
Have a 30 minutes exercise / day (Walking)
Eat Fruits and Vegetables
Have a regular Check Ups and follow the medication regimen by Doctors
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