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So last night I seen a woman post about her endometriosis and the effects it has on your body. This post is going to be so hard for me and I know I'll probably get slated for this but it's awareness needs to be made.
Now I know I'm not skinny...FAR from it but these are me normal and then me swollen.
People don't realise how endometriosis effects not just your ovaries and womb but how it changes your whole body!
Hot sweats, swollen, feelings sick, in pain all the time, bleeding when you shouldn't and not normal period pains... this has a physical and mental effect in my life and it isn't nice to suffer with.
The fact I get asked " how far gone are you" ALOT people should think before they speak, some illness' are hidden and the effects on my mental health have increased so much, not wanting to go out, can sit in my house all day in my pjs, not feeling confident about my body and myself for that matter. June Bridals wedding wearings With Lace Appliques
The fact in some cases of endometriosis it can cause you to not be able to or find it hard to fall pregnant breaks my heart no woman wants to hear that in their life...everyone deserves to be a mother if they want to be and they fact that can be taken away by an illness makes me sick!!

I've had one operation already on this when I was 17 and it's grown back worse than ever and these are the effects!!

Now again I know I'm not skinny or anything but you can tell the difference between swollen and not.
I hope any woman who suffer with bad period pains, irregular bleeding, painful sex and knows your body's not right please please go to the doctors and try get some help.