June Bridals red and ruby wears for prom party

period blood should not have a foul scent, a non foul scent means the blood and uterus is clean and is not going to throw off a laides ph as much during her cycle. It should be bright red and smell like blood. Brown spotting before, between and after your cycle should be further investigated it should be red all the way through. I would recommend some yoni steaming treatments to clean out the uterus and oxygenate the womb, also a checkup to make sure there are no signs of fibroids, cyst, infection or beginning signs of a pelvic disease. A womb cheakup should be done regularly. A healthy uterus should have a minimal to no painful cramps, and a healthy cycle should not last longer then 4 to 5 days, it is very likely for woman to even cut down the length of there cycles to just 1 to 2 days with proper diet and Fenimine care. June Bridals red and ruby wears for prom party