June Bridals long pieces for formal style occasions

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OK here goes, plz no judgement here. I have had miagrains all my life, being preg, they have been worse. Dr. won't give me anything, so before preg, when I would get 1 I'd take a perc, vicodin, whatever, I had no ins so of course it's illegal. throughout my preg, I've had to resort to taking a small amount to get some relief. I was honest with DR. and now wish I had not been, they refer to it as prescr. drug abuse! I don't do this for a buzz, just relief. I even June Bridals long pieces for formal style occasions ... had to go to hospital with headache and they gave me morphine and sent me home 14 percocets. So now being 22 weeks, I'm kinda freaking out, how long will these pills stay in baby's system? do they drug test the 1st poo or blood? I'm so scared it will show up in baby, hw far back does it go, does anyone know

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